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It’s a Strange World

March 27, 2010

Today the world’s richest horse race is being run.  Fourteen horses running a mile and a quarter for ten million smackers in the Dubai World Cup.

Big race. What’s so strange about it? Well, the fact that it’s in Dubai is kind of strange in and of itself, but fine, they’ve got (or had) lots of cash, and are big fans of horses. But what I can’t get past is that it’s a 10 million dollar horse race in a country — and at a racetrack — where wagering is banned.

That’s right, no wagering.

Of course, you can wager on it right here in the good ol’ U.S. of A., but that’s not the point. Racetrack. No wagering. I just can’t get past it.

Anyhow, for your viewing pleasure, here’s Curlin taking the 2008 version (when I think it was only worth a mere five million simoleons).


For all, well, none of you who care about this, Brazilian-bred Gloria de Campeao edged out South African-bred Lizard’s Desire for a narrow victory in the richest horse race in history. (Story and video here.)

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