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That Wasn’t Very Nice

April 1, 2010

So here it is, what, 1:30 in the morning or so.  I’ve had a long day and night at work, I come home, grab a beer, sit down at the computer to see what’s new in the world, pop a little Craig Ferguson on the TV.

Not so bad, all things considered.  A few minutes to unwind before a catnap and then more work.

I’m getting a little excited what with Opening Day almost upon us, checking out a little baseball news here and there.  You know, that sort of thing.  What do I come upon?


Now nobody wants to see James Dolan under the best of circumstances, but I’m reading about baseball, what the hell is he doing there?

Here’s the accompanying headline:

Steinbrenners in talks to sell Yanks to Dolans

I swear I read 3 paragraphs of this goddamn article before it occurred to me.

It’s an hour-and-a-half into April 1st and some funny bastard Yankees blogger is trying to give me a heart attack. I’m looking at you Benjamin Kabak.

I fucking hate April 1st.

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  1. April 1, 2010 2:11 am

    There is no possible way the informed, and uninformed, citizenry of the Empire State would allow such a transaction, EVER.

    • Fat Al permalink*
      April 1, 2010 8:06 am

      I would be at the front of the line. Torch (and perhaps tallboy) in hand.

  2. JCo permalink
    April 1, 2010 10:18 am

    That was NOT very nice. Jesus.

  3. April 1, 2010 3:51 pm

    Here’s an April Fools prank to rival yours:

    Fox 11 is reporting that some April Fools pranksters with a lot of time on their hands have played a cruel hoax on the burger loving people of New York City. Residents woke up to signs that beloved Southern California (and Nevada!) institution In-N-Out burger was opening shop in the Big Apple.

    From Fox 11:

    Posters on empty storefronts in several New York city locations declared “In-N-Out Burger, Coming Summer 2010,” according to several readers of popular NYC food blogs .

    In one of the locations, the empty storefront vacated by Virgin Megastore in Union Square, jokers dressed up as In-N-Out Burger employees could be seen handing out flyers to passers-by.

    Gothamist adds:

    Phyllis Cudworth, a kindly spokeswoman for In-N-Out, confirms that “someone is playing a fool’s joke on us.” Cudworth says In-N-Out doesn’t have any plans to open locations in NYC. When asked why the hell not, she explained, “We’re a small, family-owned business out here on the West Coast. We grind all our own all beef patties and deliver them to our locations every day, so because of the logistics it’s just not something we’re considering.”

    Sorry New York, at least you can still get in line for a Shake Shack burger.

    To quote Florida Evans: “Damn, damn, damn!”

  4. Fat Al permalink*
    April 1, 2010 7:09 pm

    Damn, now I’m hungry.

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