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Melted Cheese in Great Neck

April 6, 2010

Last Friday night I took the train out to Great Neck. Within minutes of leaving the LIRR station this is what I saw.

Apparently, there is a chain of high end restaurants called Simply Fondue. They are all over the place, Dallas, Mission Viejo, Queens, everywhere! Oddly enough, a cursory search online reveals little about the chain and nothing about the corporation or franchise opportunities. But, it is Zagat rated (I never understood why a restaurant posts that, (it doesn’t tell you that it is rated well, just rated), and the Daily News, at least according to the fondue folks, says “It was more than great, it was out-of-this-world delicious” and another “review” reads “Should Be Renamed Fun-Do”. It does sound fun! Here are a few of the events scheduled for this Month:

April 9th – Speed Dating

April 16th – Karaoke Night!

April 23rd – DJ Jony (plus $4 tequila shots)

and one more, in May:

May 6th – Lady’s Spa Night!

Also, Grizzly Bears, much cooler than you.

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