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“This is a fraudulent fondue fork.”

April 7, 2010

I knew that my cohort’s fondue-related post reminded me of a scene from what is — indisputably — one of the top 5 television shows in the history of the medium. The Odd Couple. Don’t bother debating, you know I’m right. (I could have said THE top, but I’m not thinking quickly enough this morning to be that confident.)

Anyhow, I thought that the fondue scene from the Odd Couple was the one where the lights go out during the poker game and a $50 bill is missing from the kitty. You know, the one where Inga, the neighbor’s Swedish maid gets goosed? (For your records, that episode was called “The Blackout” and originally aired on Christmas Eve in 1970.)

But that wasn’t the right episode.  The episode I was actually thinking of was one called “Murray the Fink” (aired October 29, 1971) in which Murray “The Cop” Greshler tries to prove he’s a good cop by busting his own poker game.  In one of the classic Odd Couple courtroom scenes (though not THE classic courtroom scene), Felix cross-examines Oscar about whose fondue fork was who’s and utters the incomparable line “this is a fraudulent fondue fork.”  The salient line of questioning starts at about the 4:00 mark:

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  1. April 7, 2010 12:28 pm

    Top 5? Hmmm, if not, pretty damn close. If you watch the clip of THE classic courtroom scene you find this rather trenchant piece of social commentary and memory in the comments from a LazlosPlane:

    WPIX had a great line-up back then for a while: two espisodes of “The Odd Couple” followed by the Honeymooners and then STAR TREK, which is how I got into it. Awesome.
    Nothing like these shows on TV today. Everything’s formulaic dreck mostly aimed at females and homosexuals.

    • Fat Al permalink*
      April 7, 2010 1:36 pm

      So let’s go ahead and throw some other Top 5 candidates out there. What have you got? I’ll even let you include “formulaic dreck mostly aimed at females and homosexuals” if you so desire, but let’s exclude game and variety shows.

      All in the Family? Taxi? Soap? Deadwood? Sopranos? Seinfeld? WKRP? What’s Happenin’? The Wire? Sports Night? West Wing? 24? Simpsons? South Park? The Office? Arrested Development? I Love Lucy? Mary Tyler Moore? Bob Newhart (not Newhart)? Dick van Dyke? Andy Griffith? Honeymooners? Hill Street Blues? Barney Miller? Cheers? M*A*S*H? Moonlighting? Batman? The Jeffersons? Maude? Lost?

  2. Dynazor permalink
    October 1, 2018 5:51 pm

    My top 5 in descending order:
    The Honeymooners.
    The Odd Couple.
    Star-Trek (Shatner/Nimoy).
    Abbot and Costello.
    Crmnal Minds.


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