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Mr. Softee

April 9, 2010

I like Mr. Softee as much as the next guy. And I probably have it more often than most folks in my ethno-cultural age cohort. That being said, I have a complaint. The trucks are too loud, much too loud, and I’m not talking about the jingle.

This was just about a perfect evening, and I was sitting in Union Square watching and listening to the world go by. A nice NYC moment, it was all perfect except for the construction quality rumbling coming from across the street. The loudest noise in the whole area, by far, was the generator from the Mr. Softee truck parked on 15th Street. There is a real 1970s-80s aspect (loud, filthy, dirty, smoke belching) to these guys and their cut rate competitors–both in what the serve and what they serve it out of— and it’s an aspect that I kind of appreciate. That’s 1970s-80s quality diesel exhaust and noise pollution being offered up, but it’s also that chocolate vanilla swirl cone with chocolate sprinkles, and that is something else! But, nostalgia does have its limits; I may pine for the good old days, as my pal Fat Al can attest, but things probably are better now (I’m going to regret saying that, I’m sure) and Mr. Softee needs to firm up and pipe down.

I guess that’s just the way of things; behind the innocent and naive is the truth and the smoke belching machinery that makes it all possible. Maybe it really does take a tough man to make a tender chicken.


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