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Across the Street

April 14, 2010

You know, I was drafting a long, wordy, sincere post about the Yankees’ Opening Day game.  It was earnest, it was sentimental, I paid homage to Gene Monahan and Hideki.  But the browser crashed and ate almost the whole damn thing.  Here’s all that got saved:

We’ve already discussed the shameful and, I will agree, disrespectful, achingly slow demolition of the “old” Yankee Stadium. But while this loomed across the street…

…there actually was a game and other festivities going on in the new joint.  So let us proceed to the new stuff.

It was a very nice day

There was a lot more, and some great pictures and whatnot, but I take the message from the Interweb gods.  It was a boring, lame-ass post that you could read anywhere.  And so the cosmic whatever-the-fuck-is-out-there took it away.  For the good of all of us.

Aw, damn.  I forgot there was a CHP reference in there.  Those are priceless.  But I’m letting it go.

One thing that my cohort said to me on Opening Day was that I was being a little too nice on the blog.  Well, fuck him.  I’ll be nice when I want to be nice and mean when I want to be mean.  I yam what I yam.  You don’t like it, GFY.

That is, by the way, BY FAR my favorite Interweb abbreviation.


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