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May 5, 2010

It’s certainly hard to argue with the Sanford & Son theme.  When you have Quincy Jones doing your theme song you’re in pretty good shape.

But in addition to the aforementioned Hawaii Five-O and Andy Griffith, I would also throw into the hopper:

Not only is the Hogan’s Heroes theme song quite catchy, it also has the added benefit of being associated with one of the strangest sitcom ideas — I daresay THE strangest — in the history of television.

“Hey Joe, how ’bout we put together a slapstick comedy about a German POW camp in 1942 with some crafty American prisoners and hysterically bumbling Nazi officers.  And let’s make sure to show lots of Swastikas.  And let’s cast a Holocaust survivor as one of the POW’s.  And let’s cast a famous Jewish conductor’s son as the Nazi Komandant.  Let the hijinks begin!”

And that’s without even getting into Bob Crane and Richard Dawson’s antics.

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