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Presented without (much) comment

May 11, 2010

Uni Watch has a great story about Keith Hernandez’s reaction upon noticing this:

Here’s the back-and-forth:

Hernandez: Was that a Met yamulke right there?

Cohen: That’s exactly what that looked like.

Hernandez: How about that.

Cohen [apparently unaware of Warthen’s chosen personhood]: It’s a bit of a surprise.

Hernandez: Well, it’s Sunday. [Painfully awkward pause follows.]

Cohen: Yeah?

Hernandez: Did you, did you go to temple today?

Cohen: Not on Sunday, Keith. Saturday.

Hernandez: Oh! Excuse me, I’ve got it wrong, don’t I. I’ve gotta get my facts straight.

Cohen [cracking up]: We’ll have the course in comparative religion right after the game.

Hernandez: No no no, we don’t have to. I had my catechism when I was young, please.

There you have it. More at Uniwatch.

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