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June 6, 2010

Quick follow-up to the last post. Last night’s fight was quite an event. An overwhelmingly pro-Cotto Puerto Rican crowd with a small smattering of yarmulkes and Israeli flags around among the Foreman fans.

It was very cool to sit on the field at Yankee Stadium. We were basically in short-center field and it was funny to be able to buy a beer from a stand set up right about on the warning track.  Looks like they only drew about 20,000 people, but considering it wasn’t the biggest name fight in history, that doesn’t seem so bad to me.

I just re-watched the fight on TV and Cotto was clearly ahead before Foreman’s injury and, obviously, afterwards. Cotto looked really good, much better than he did in his last fight against Pacquiao (who was in the crowd last night). I have always liked Cotto, so it’s nice to see that maybe his career isn’t over. (Big kudos have to go to new trainer Emanuel Steward, who seems to have worked wonders with Cotto.)

As for Foreman, he really showed a huge amount of courage and class to continue fighting after it was clear he could barely stand up.  Luckily he did not get his block completely knocked off before the fight was finally stopped (for real, after the false start of the mysteriously thrown white towel — always great to see a well-worn cliche literally in action). Anyway, it was a memorable evening, even if the fight concluded in a really strange way.

As a complete aside, you may or may not have noted that Miguel Cotto oddly has a tattoo on his neck that appears to be the symbol of the Orthodox Union — a group that certifies food as strictly kosher.

My assumption was that it could not possibly be the same OU.  But, apparently it is.  Here’s the explanation:

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