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Coma Girl

June 18, 2010

It’s a completely spectacular day here in NYC. Sunny and beautiful, and as a not insignificant bonus, my anonymous cohort is getting hit on by a sexy centenarian.

Now I don’t have anything nearly that exciting going on, but I’m appreciating the day anyhow. I am soon going to be headed uptown to see the sputtering Yankees face the surging Metsies. That’s a pretty funny sentence to write, but it happens to be true.

But the last Friday night Mets-Yankees game I went to in the Bronx ended like this:

So I’m hopeful.  And after what will no doubt be an exciting and well-lubricated night in the Bronx, I and my lovely companion will get up early and head up to Beantown to watch the hated Red Sox face Manny Ramirez, Joe Torre and the rest of the L.A. contingent.  (I’m sure the Bostonians are really thrilled with L.A. sports teams at the moment.)

I haven’t been to Fenway in years, and I’m excited.  As I have said many a time, that place is the only good thing about Boston.

So I’m looking forward to my weekend, and here’s Joe Strummer (R.I.P.) for a little musical accompaniment.

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