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June 28, 2010

I just wanted to pause to note that the last several weeks have included a pretty great set of sporting events.  And they are not all over.

This weekend, the Yankees were playing the hated (for those of us old enough to have been paying attention from 197781) Dodgers and estranged ex-skipper Joe Torre. The series culminated in the Yankees coming back in the top of the ninth from a 6-2 deficit to beat the Dodgers and their closer Jonathan Broxton, ultimately winning on a big Robinson Cano homer in extras. Who’s better than Robbie? Nobody. The series even had some cheap soap-opera drama with Alex Rodriguez “snubbing” Torre because he still hates him for batting him 8th in the playoffs (I still hate Torre for that too) and for some nonsense in Torre’s book.

Anyhow, I hate interleague play as a general matter, but that was a pretty great end to a fun matchup.

What else is going on sports-wise?  Oh yeah, there’s some soccer tournament.  The USA completely spit the bit against Ghana (again) and, despite the fact that they managed to force the match to “extra time,” they did not deserve to win, and were properly sent packing.

Big match Sunday morning.  England-Germany.  I can’t really bring myself to root for Germany against any country this side of Libya, so go England!  Turns out, England sucks.  But not nearly as much as the futbol refs suck.  What’s wrong with this picture:

Goal, right?  Ball on ground, in goal, nobody offsides (or so they tell me — I can’t for the life of me figure out offsides in soccer).  No goal.  Why?  Because the ball didn’t land inside the goal line.  What, it did?  Who are you going to believe, the ref, or your lying eyes?

But despite the officiating failures, the World Cup is a great event.  It will be interesting to see if people here in New York maintain their interest in the tournament over the next couple of weeks without having a US team to root for.  Let’s go, um, Japan!  No, not Japan.  The Dutch?  Portugal?  Fuck it, let’s go Ghana!

Last, but not least, at the All-England Club in Wimbledon, two guys played a ridiculously long tennis match.  After it finally ended on its third day, they should have just given both of them the rest of the tournament off.  Well, that happened soon enough anyhow.

I’m rooting for, let’s see, how about Djokovic and Clijsters? Why not?

These are good days for the sports fan.  Even those of us who can’t get very worked up about where LeBron lands (and who are just thankful they haven’t heard the word “Favre” mentioned in polite company in weeks).

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