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Won’t be long now

September 8, 2010

Anonymous guy’s post yesterday about the woeful Orioles reminded me of a post we did some months ago that was about an artist named Joe Petruccio and his Quixotic quest of sketching each and every Mets game this season.

Joe had tried this before and vowed that he would follow through this year, no matter how unpleasant the Mets turned out to be this year. Well, the Mets’ season certainly has taken an ugly turn (note to Jeff Wilpon: I know you’re a complete dolt, but even you must know that Minaya’s got to be launched, right?) and I figured we should check in on Joe and see how he’s doing.

Unlike his beloved Metsies, Joe is going strong, although is note at the upper left that “it won’t be long now” shows just how grueling this has been. Hang in there, bro.

Bonus story about Omar being heckled on a JetBlue flight.

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