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Across The River To The Jersey Side

September 23, 2010

For some reason I’ve been making an unintentional habit of trashing other states. I was ragging on Missouri a little earlier, and you probably don’t recall, but I was giving Delaware the business some time ago (I got in a little trouble for that one).

But damn the torpedoes, I’ve got some more dirt on the Delawareans (who modestly dub their home “The First State”).

Well, according to a guy named Patrick Ottenhoff at The Atlantic, back in the 17th Century, the Blue Hen loving denizens of “The Small Wonder” felt that they needed a little lebensraum, so they grabbed it:

Well, it turns out that the me-First State has been at it for centuries. Ever wonder how Delaware got its odd shape and curved northern border?

In 1682, Delaware secured a land grant so that all land within 12 miles of the New Castle Court House became property of the state. This includes the arc into Pennsylvania and also means that the state owns the Delaware River within the 12 mile radius, right up to the banks of New Jersey.

In 2007, Delaware blocked New Jersey developers from building a dock because anything extending from Jersey’s banks was Delaware property.

Now I will confess that I never did actually notice Delaware’s curved northern border, but now that someone pointed it out 328 years later, I’m pissed off. Check out the map:

But New Jersey isn’t taking this bullshit lying down and is still fighting:

New Jersey has challenged this demarcation up to the Supreme Court (in 1934 and 1935), which refused to rule and instead reprimanded the states for even fighting about this. And yet, as recently as 2006, a study was commissioned on the border dispute. Legislators of both states have made aggressive noises about each others’ claims, Delaware symbolically calling upon the National Guard to defend state shores and New Jerseyites obliquely mentioning the battleship named after their state, moored just upriver…


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  1. September 24, 2010 12:03 pm

    Delaware can kiss my Empire State ass. What a piece of sh*t state. Between whoring for the usurious credit card folks, being a wholly owned subsidiary of Du Pont (next time you want to spark up a bowl but can’t because the cops are standing outside your window, thank Du Pont), and the 9 tolls they have on 95 for the one mile it passes through their “state” they can go fuck themselves.

  2. Kelly permalink
    September 24, 2010 4:41 pm

    Is it just a coincidence that you posted this on Springsteen’s birthday?

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