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Boston Sucks

September 29, 2010

The Yankees clinched a playoff spot last night.  They’ve been playing terribly, have one-and-a-half reliable starting pitchers, a manager who has his head up his ass (please go to the Cubs, Joe, pretty please), and are really quite likely to be headed for an ignominious first-round exit at the hands of the powerhouses from Arlington or Minneapolis.

All of that said, they are back in the playoffs, they are half-a-game out of first, and are tied for the most wins in baseball.  So before it all goes to shit (but hey, don’t forget the mediocrities that won the crown in 2000), let’s take a moment to enjoy that the Yankees have made it back into the post-season (but, alas, sans CHP).

And let’s take one more moment to appreciate the elimination of the Boston Red Sox from the post-season.  I hate those motherfuckers.  All of them.  And their fans.  All of them.  So go ahead wear your Madonna masks and chant STE-ROIDS this weekend (at Big Papi?  no?  oh, right, only Yankees did it) at Fenway while you slink off into the night and baseball continues for at least one more week in the Boogie Down.

Couldn’t happen to a nicer town.

At least you have the Patriots.

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