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See you at Jimmy’s

October 13, 2010

Speaking of classics, Jeremiah visits Jimmy’s Corner on West 44th Street. It’s a classic place with a great story. It’s a boxing bar (here’s a shot of Jimmy with Ali) that was opened (and still run) James Lee Glenn, apparently to help finance his gym. It’s still run by Jimmy and his wife Swannie.

Even though I’ve lived in the neighborhood for years, I made my first visit to Jimmy’s fairly recently (on my way to synagogue of all things) and the place was great. I will be back, and let’s hope it remains there for a good long time.

As Jeremiah aptly says:

“I hear they’re eliminating a lot of things,” says Swannie.

And isn’t that the truth? Times Square betrayed McHale’s and dumped the Rum House–it’s only a matter of time before Jimmy’s is threatened with a knock-out, too. When that day comes, let’s hope they put up a mean fight.

Other Jimmy’s Corner items worth a read:

Under Jimmy’s Awning

You’d see things at Jimmy’s that you couldn’t fully explain. One night I watched Jimmy shuffle up and down the bar, stopping periodically to place two shots of liquor in front of random customers. Without a sound except the slap of Jimmy’s hand on the bar, they’d lift their glasses and down the shot together. Other nights the pretty young waitresses would disappear one by one into the back room for fifteen minutes at a time, and before they’d close the door behind them I’d catch a glimpse of Jimmy sitting on a metal folding chair, watching the girls walk in with what I imagined to be sweet anticipation. Those happenings were evidence of an unseen order, a veil of mystery that left you nothing to do but sit back and wait until something strange or sordid happened to you.

Marty Wombacher

Okay, speaking of crawling, tonight we’re going to a legendary New York joint, Jimmy’s Corner. This place is a legend and it’s owned by a legend, Jimmy Glenn. If you’ve never heard of Jimmy Glenn, it just means you’re not a boxing fan. Jimmy was a boxer who retired from the sport after getting beat by Floyd Patterson and then became a manager and trainer. The bar is a tribute to his career and to the sport of boxing. And it’s also one of the last patches of Times Square that is a link to the old days when the area was seedier than the bottom of a bird cage.

Midtown Lunch

Jimmy’s is a true sports bar. There’s a TV screen in every direction and signs posted behind the bar even warning that political talk is not allowed. Be prepared if you’re coming here on a game night as you’ll be lucky to squeeze past the door, because Jimmy’s is not a hidden secret to the local work crew. This is all for obvious reasons. The bar is welcoming and prices are very reasonable, especially when you consider that you’re practically straddling the crawling, tourist-ridden beast that is Times Square.

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  1. October 13, 2010 1:09 pm

    Jimmy’s Bar is a classic and Jimmy is a true gentleman and a fine barkeep. Thanks for including me in the mix!

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