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Dude, it’s just one game.

October 16, 2010

Last night, C.J. Wilson of the Texas Rangers pitched a gem of a game against the Yankees. On the other side, C.C. Sabathia spit the bit (on like 28 days rest) and looked like complete crap. But after being up 5-0, Texas gave the game back to the Yankees with bad bullpen work, bad baserunning, bad luck and some very questionable managerial moves by Ron “Sniff” Washington (not that Joe didn’t try to keep up — have Swisher try to bunt and then immediately put in a defensive replacement for him?).

It was a great game if you’re a Yankees fan, a horrible loss if you’re a Rangers fan (and I can only imagine how Nolan Ryan felt afterward — maybe we should ask Robin Ventura).  And today the Yankees hopefully go up 2-0 and keep the Rangers’ winless-at-home-in-the-playoffs streak alive.  (And in another remarkable stat, the Rangers have never, in 12 playoff games against the Yankees, scored a run after the 7th inning).

Anyhow, the quote of the night came from Texas starter C.J. Wilson, who put it all in immediate perspective: “Dude, it’s just one game.”

Words to live by. Along with that quote from the other guy about hate being the most enduring thing — just ask Nolan Ryan.

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  1. October 16, 2010 1:12 pm

    Him chewing on the blue mitt brought back memories of the classic Dragnet, “Blueboy” LSD episode. Funny how the mind wanders.

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