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Crab People

January 3, 2011

ANIMAL points out this interesting, but oddly subdued, video by some crazy motherfucker who explores various forbidden areas of the City.

I particularly enjoyed the climb through the old sewer and the homeless lady who found her home after being pointed in the right direction by some helpful cats. The subway scenes are good and I like this guy much better than the art-school jackasses who felt the need to give the New York Times exclusive access to their “guerilla” underground art installation (I took pleasure when it was eventually defaced by other underground artists).

The Williamsburg Bridge climb is just plain fucked up. You can get a great view without doing stupid shit like that. Brought me (unpleasantly) back to the Verrazano Bridge scene from Saturday Night Fever.

ANIMAL calls these guys “Mole People,” but I prefer Crab People.

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