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Tim Marchman is pissed off

January 4, 2011

The Hall of Fame is a bullshit personality contest

The link above is to a long and fun-to-read (even with the lack of paragraphs) rant about how stupid everyone is — or some people are — for advocating that Jack Morris should be in the baseball Hall-of-Fame. Here’s just a taste:

The only thing noteworthy about Morris was that ridiculous porno mustache. Looking at it was depressing, like watching shitty, badly lit cop shows or looking at gutted factories along the Cuyahoga. I remember That Game Morris pitched, and while that was a big deal, it was way more in the line of watching a journeyman get his moment of glory than watching some big-dicked stud do what everyone had known he was going to do all along. This isn’t about growing up in New York, either. Everyone knew Alan Trammell and Kirk Gibson and Lou Whitaker and Lance Parrish and hell, Chet Lemon and Willie Hernandez were the real deal, and everyone knew Sparky Anderson was, too. No one cared about Morris because he just wasn’t all that good. He wasn’t even the best pitcher on his team in RBI Baseball. Anyway, this is nothing I get upset about at all, as you’d have to take baseball a lot more seriously than it deserves to be taken to get truly upset over the ontological discourse for half-wits that is most Hall of Fame discussion, but this idea that Morris was ever anything other than a serviceable dude, or ever thought of as anything other than a serviceable dude, is just utterly fucking preposterous.

Read the whole thing. I really enjoy January. It’s that angry time of year (just ask Mac).

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  1. jco permalink
    January 4, 2011 4:45 pm

    Speaking of Mac, I have a question for Mac. Why is it that certain women in my gym think it’s appropriate to remove their shoes and socks when they stretch out? Why do they think it’s ok for them to put their filthy feet on the weight benches where other people put their heads?

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