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La Cosa Nostra

January 21, 2011

The Justice department sweep of the mob netted about 125 people on Thursday, the G Men claim the largest in history. People were arrested for all sorts of crimes, loan sharking, gambling, murder, drugs, etc. There is obviously a lot here to look at, but for now what I am enjoying most are the names. They really do use these preposterous nicknames. While I do not, of course, condone any of their illegal activities I do condone the use of their awesome nicknames, such as:

“whiney”, whose real name is Fred Alesi
“tony bagels” is the nom du guerre of Anthony Cavezza
and I don’t know who stole the name from who but Robert Berliner is on occasion “bacala”

Somehow Chicago Cubs Pitcher Carlos Zambrano got caught up in this mess, however, since they didn’t refer to him as “Big Z” or “el toro” it is possible it is not the same man.

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  1. January 22, 2011 1:48 pm

    I love the nickname, “Tony Bagels.”

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