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Crazy Lady

February 10, 2011

Yesterday on my corner I saw what I thought was a classic New York moment. There was a crazy old lady feeding the pigeons bread crumbs from out of a plastic bag. Now I certainly don’t know that she’s crazy. Maybe she’s perfectly rational and just likes to look out for the local wildlife. I don’t know. She looked crazy to me but not in a bad way. I mean, I’ve got nothing in particular against pigeons (although I think I killed one once when I was on my bike — slow motherfucker).

Anyway, so she’s out there feeding the pigeons on this frigid day, minding her own business, and this crazy younger lady (this one I’m fairly confident is crazy) is ranting at her about how what she’s doing is illegal, and how she’s gonna call the cops, and what’s wrong with her, and on and on. The crazy old lady just continued what she was doing, unfazed by the hysterical carryings-on of the crazy younger lady (I want to say the crazy old lady was “non-plussed” but since I’ve learned recently that it means the opposite of what I think it means, I’ve put that term in mothballs).

What did I do? I slowed my pace to take in as much of this as possible and continued on my merry way, happy to live in our strange little City.

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  1. February 11, 2011 1:26 am

    Which of the crazy ladies looked more conventionally crazy? Are you suggesting a scenario where the one most folks would consider “crazy”, an old lady feeding pigeons, is in fact the saner of the two? Meaning, the younger is groomed and dressed like someone who has a real job, real apartment, etc. but is in fact batshit crazy, ie. ranting and raving about the legal issues surrounding an old woman feeding pigeons, and the older just on a slightly different path than everyone else, but utterly harmless to herself or anyone else.

    I guess I’m asking if you are making some larger sociological point? Perhaps, that collectively we’re all nuts, people running around screaming about this, getting angry about that, acting as though spending $10 on an organic carrot or practicing yoga are morally laudable acts, and so on, and that we need to just chill the fuck out and everyone go feed their own metaphorical pigeons.

  2. Fat Al permalink*
    February 11, 2011 10:04 am

    To my eyes the younger one both looked more crazy and acted more crazy (but for the crazy presumption that goes along with feeding pigeons).

    And I think you may be reading too much into my little story.

  3. February 11, 2011 5:41 pm

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