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March 14, 2011

While we’re on the subject of the National Pastime, how about this one?  Joe Maddon, the Tampa Rays (née Devil Rays) manager announced that he isn’t cutting his hair this year and, moreover, he is encouraging his players to “grow hair wherever they’re able.”

Let’s leave aside the gross side of that comment and just appreciate the larger sentiment. Here’s the manager of a youngish upstart team with excellent young pitching who will be battling the Yankees for second place this year. And he tells his guys fuck it, let’s be the anti-Yankees. Where they can’t have anything more than a well-trimmed (yes, I said trim) moustache (I prefer the spelling with the “O”), he wants his guys shaggy. It probably doesn’t hurt matters that the Rays signed Manny and Johnny Damon in the off-season, but still.

As David Pinto said:

I can’t wait to see a Yankees-Rays game late in the year.

Holy crap, I just found There goes the day…

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