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Spring Has Sprung

March 14, 2011

Baseball season is almost upon us, and Aaron Gleeman reports that Bill Hall and Cole Hamels have already gotten into a little dustup:

During this afternoon’s Astros-Phillies game Bill Hall stepped out of the batters’ box to stop from being quick-pitched by Cole Hamels and Hamels responded by throwing the next pitch inside, at which point Zachary Levine of the Houston Chronicle reports that Hall had to be “restrained by home plate umpire Laz Diaz.”

It didn’t go much further than that, as neither bench emptied and both sides were simply issued warnings, but after the game Hall called Hamels “a marked man.”

A little hitter-batter brushback battle. Love it. What’s better than that? Now that Bill Hall’s apparently off the Red Sox, he can mash against Hamels all he wants as far as I’m concerned. Apparently Hall was fairly clear that Hamels wasn’t “marked” in the sense that he intends to beat the crap out of him, but based on history, he might be better off using a crowbar to get his revenge than a baseball bat:

Hall is just 3-for-22 (.136) with seven strikeouts against Hamels during his career, so if that continues Hall won’t have a whole lot of chances to “let him know I did some damage off him.”

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