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Hammer Time

March 23, 2011

Both the title and the subject of this post are borrowed, ahem, from my friend Alex. He sent the following article to me and a few other folks.  He doesn’t know I blog and I’m not going to tell him.

1970’s baseball was a weird place, and most likely a more interesting place than now.

Charlie Finley was pretty much a nutburger, but certainly he and the Oakland A’s were pretty entertaining to watch.  Here is a post from the blog Platoon Advantage that describes the strange relationship between Charlie Finley and MC Hammer. I knew none of this, thanks for the post Platoon Advantage guys.

Hammer got his first job when Oakland A’s owner Charlie O. Finley saw him dancing for money outside the stadium. Finley hired him as a batboy and to entertain the players, and nicknamed him “Hammer” because he supposedly resembled Hank Aaron.

If I were Al there would be a youtube video here, most likely of MC Hammer, but I’m not so too bad.

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