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A True Democrat

April 7, 2011

So I was running an errand up in a part of town that was new to me, Longfellow Avenue in the Bronx.  As I’m wandering down the block, I walk by what apparently was the District Headquarters of Ruben Diaz, New York State Senator for District 32.

I don’t know much about Sen. Diaz, but a quick Googling reveals that he may be somewhat less than an open-minded civil libertarian. But what made his HQ noteworthy to me was the phalanx of sparkling white vehicles in his lot that proclaimed him “A True Democrat” (although some apparently disagree) and “El Lider” (or something like that).

It all struck me as a pretty garish show of machine-like flamboyance in the middle of a quiet working-class Bronx neighborhood. But the trucks were cool looking, no doubt about that.  One can only imagine the bons mot that come spouting out of those speakers at the appropriate times of year, and the Welcome mat is pretty, well, welcoming.

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