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April 21, 2011

The reason yesterday’s post was called The Motherfucker With The Hat, well, besides the fact that it had to do with a hat, was because we were going to see a play by that name last night. So here you go. THEG goes to the theater.

TMWTH is about some crazy fucked up people doing crazy fucked up shit and cursing a lot. Chris Rock is one of those people, and so is Annabella Sciorra. And yes, there are motherfuckers, and at least one hat. But the best guy in the whole damn play is Yul Vázquez, who plays Cousin Julio. He’s worth the price of admission all by himself. And let me just say that the crowd at this play was one of the funniest Broadway audiences I’ve ever seen. I was coming from work and I’m certain I was the only guy in a tie in the whole joint. Lots of people in jeans and some definite juiceheads out there.

But enough about the audience, back to the play. It was pretty good, and definitely entertaining. The director is the same woman who did August: Osage County, which we walked out of at the beginning of the second intermission (SECOND INTERMISSION!! — what a fucking outrage). Luckily this play is a single one hour and 40 minute act, and it still is about 20 minutes too long. The play is incredibly overwrought and over the top, but we love overwrought and over the top (at least for one act), so on anonymous guy’s scale of one to five half-empty glasses, I’ll give TMWTH a solid three half-empty glasses.

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  1. April 21, 2011 10:01 am

    I have seen Annabella Sciorra in person a couple of times and she is absolutely among the most beautiful women ever to walk the earth. If I went to see her in a play, they would have to rename it “The Motherfucker Who Won’t Stop Chasing Our Star Actress”.

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