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July 3, 2011

Last week we went to Yankees Old Timers’ Day. Nice big crowd (although not as big as the 67,916 who showed up at OTD in 1955), good weather, and the Yanks even managed a win in the real game.

The notable new appearances this year were Bernabe Williams and Joseph Paul Torre. But the truly entertaining stuff was watching the old timers play a somewhat reasonable facsimile of baseball. Some of the younger guys looked pretty good. Bernie rocked a nice “double” off David Wells (I put it in quotes because the outfielders didn’t really run after the ball and Bernie didn’t exactly bust it around the bases). That was followed by Tino Martinez blasting one into the right-field porch off of David Cone (who, in addition to throwing a perfect game for the Yankees, is also known for jerking off in the bullpen).

Most of the old timers looked, well, old. Some looked like they were in pretty good shape, like Tino and Darryl Strawberry, but the shocking one to me was one Dwight Eugene Gooden. I could not believe that was Gooden on the mound. He looked so tubby, he made David Wells and Fat Bartolo Colon (who is God, by the way) look svelte by comparison. I mean holy crap, check this out:

And while I’m ragging on Doc, here’s a really pleasant story courtesy Aaron Gleeman:

I was just listening to a replay of Howard Stern’s show from this morning and heard former Baywatch actor Jeremy Jackson interviewed about, among other things, his time on the current season of Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew.

Why is that at all relevant to a baseball blog, you ask? Because he was roommates with Dwight Gooden, about whom he said:

“He poops a lot, that guy. I had to share a room with him. It was a very stinky room.”

And there you have it.

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