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July 18, 2011

I’m a big fan of Prince and his music. He puts on a fantastic show (one of the best concerts I ever attended was his) and although he puts out some crap, his best stuff (and there’s a lot of it) is untouchable. All of that said, he is one crazy motherfucker.

So apparently he’s playing recently at some U.K. music festival, the “Hop Farm” fest, and he’s got some special “riders” in his contract to make sure that he’s properly taken care of. Some are ridiculous but kind of ho-hum. The Sun reports (complete with gratuitous height and Jehovah’s Witness shots):

Prince: Let’s go lazy

PAMPERED, posing pop stars don’t come much bigger, or smaller, than Prince.

The purple pillock presented organisers with a list of demands taller than him ahead of his performance in Kent.

Top of his requirements was a dressing room built to exact specified measurements. Backstage crews were forced to rebuild the pod three times because they hadn’t got it down to the closest centimetre. Lackeys were told to paint it purple and fill it with matching furniture including chairs, tables and wall hangings.

And just in case all that violet tired him out, Prince also ordered a limo to ferry him the 80ft between his dressing room and the main stage. His limo habit could make doing his Jehovah’s Witness doorstep calls a long-winded business.

This, however, is my favorite detail:

The singer avoided any glares from disgruntled stagehands by banning anyone from looking him in the eye.

But other than his aversion to improper eyeballing, he’s got nothing on Iggy Pop:

Iggy’s rider is written in a rollicking, stream-of-consciousness fashion that delivers multiple laughs per page. Apparently written by roadie Jos Grain, the Iggy rider is peppered with witty gems, tasteless asides, and typos. For example, in describing how Iggy’s dressing room should be made to “look less like a typical rock & roll dressing room,” the rider suggests that promoters “just let someone loose with a little bit of artistic flair…Er, do you know any homosexuals?” Explaining the need for two heavy duty fans, Grain notes, “So that I can wear a scarf and pretend to be in a Bon Jovi video.”

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  1. July 18, 2011 3:10 pm

    That Iggy rider is hilarious!

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