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July 21, 2011

So check this out. This is from an early stage of this year’s Tour de France:

As Philip Gourevitch explains:

A car, carrying a French television team, sideswiped Juan Antonio Flecha, an Argentine-born Spanish rider, knocking him into the Dutch star Johnny Hoogerland, who was catapulted through the air and became ensnared in a barbed wire fence. It’s a wonder Flecha and Hoogerland survived, much less climbed right back onto their pedals and finished the stage. Hoogerland’s left leg was striped with deep, bloody lacerations. He bandaged it as he rode, trying to make up lost time, and only after he’d crossed the finish line checked to see if he needed stitches. He did: thirty-three of them.

Yeah, I’m not that tough. Maybe some EPO would help.

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