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Baseball Injury Of The Day

August 23, 2011

The St. Louis Cardinals’ Matt Holliday is having a rough time this season.

Holliday bugged by moth stuck in ear

By Matthew Leach /

ST. LOUIS — Matt Holliday’s maddening season of maladies continued Monday night with the strangest one yet. Holliday had to be removed from the Cardinals’ loss to the Dodgers after a moth flew into his right ear.

With two outs in the eighth inning, Holliday had to be tended to by the team’s athletic training staff. He walked off the field and into the clubhouse, where medical personnel attempted to remove the moth from his ear.

According to a team spokesman, the first tactic was to take Holliday into a dark room, in hopes the moth would seek light and fly out. However, the insect had gone in headfirst and was unable to turn around. Thus, tweezers had to be used to remove it.

The spokesman said that that the bug was still alive after it was removed, and that Holliday kept it.

It’s just the latest in a string of physical issues for Holliday, historically an extremely durable player. He underwent an emergency appendectomy in April, missed time in June due to a quadriceps strain, dealt with a couple of internal illnesses and most recently sat out due to a lower-back injury he suffered while preparing to lift weights.

The moth in the ear. That shit is nasty. But hey, Matt’s got a new pet. He’d just better be careful what he feeds it.

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