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September 2, 2011

I don’t follow Italian politics all that closely, really only when some fantastic bout of corruption explodes into the papers. Silvio Burlusconi, the Prime Minister, seems to do a lot of exploding. He is obviously a complete crook but he keeps getting chosen to be Prime Minister; and then, it seems, immediate investigations into a wide variety of his crimes are launched. My impression is that recent investigations have all been sexually based scandals, which is kind of awesome.

Right now there is some ongoing sex & blackmail situation which I don’t really understand, but thankfully there have been some secretly recorded conversations of Burlesconi, in this one he says the following:

“They can put listening devices where they like. They can tap my telephone calls. I don’t give a fuck. I … In a few months, I’m getting out to mind my own fucking business, from somewhere else, and so I’m leaving this shitty country of which I’m sickened.”

He’s the Prime Minister. Wouldn’t you love to hear an American President say something like that?

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