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Odds and Ends

September 19, 2011

On Sunday I saw two people who were going about accompanied by large parrots.

The first person was standing at a corner in the South Bronx waiting for the light to change. She was holding a hockey stick like a staff, blade end up. The blade was wrapped with a little cloth and upon that perched a large green parrot.

The second, was a guy riding a black motorcycle with a side car. The sidecar was unoccupied, but he had a large and handsome parrot resting on his shoulder. They went whizzing down the street, the parrot seeming very comfortable. I caught up with them at a red light, I was biking, where the parrot had hopped to the riders other shoulder and the two were canoodling in a rather shocking manner for such a public place.

Finally, last night a Hasidic guy hit on a coworker as she was waiting on a corner. His strong move was that he shook her hand. SHOOK HER HAND! IN PUBLIC!

That’s all I got for now.

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