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Old School

September 26, 2011

Here at THEG we like to complain about the fading of old New York, and the advent of jackassism, hipsterism, Disneyism, and such. It therefore seems incumbent for us to acknowledge and appreciate the things that remain gloriously traditional in New York. One of those things happened yesterday.

Every year around this time there is a processional in Hell’s Kitchen by a religious group that I think is called the Church of the Sacred Heart (with all due respect to Bruce) honoring Santa Rosa de Lima. These guys lift what looks like a pretty heavy float on their shoulders and walk it slowly — very slowly — across 52d Street, around the corner up 8th Avenue to 53d Street, and then back towards 9th Avenue. The process takes about an hour or two, and is kind of mesmerizing to see.

As far as I could tell, at least yesterday, they had no police escort, and the job of keeping cars off 52d Street during the processional was undertaken by church members themselves. The float carriers were followed by a small marching band, which did an excellent job, and the most endearing aspect of which was the way they carried their sheet music (the use of the coathanger is particularly awesome).

But the only way to truly appreciate the processional, other of course than seeing it live, is by watching this THEG exclusive video, shot out my window. For whatever reason, it reminds me of some of the scenes in Sicily from Godfather II.

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