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Big League Chew

October 5, 2011

The exciting Red Sox-less baseball playoffs are underway and the first team to make it through to the next round is the Texas Rangers. I hate them because they’re the Texas Rangers, but congratulations to them anyhow.

In yesterday’s game, there was a serious collision at home plate, and Texas catcher Mike Napoli got knocked on his ass (and he didn’t even get the out). Craig Calcaterra points out an unfortunate side-effect of Napoli getting his bell rung:

Reason number 1,246 not to use smokeless tobacco. Yesterday, during the Rays-Rangers game, Mike Napoli was leveled by Sean Rodriguez at a play at the plate. The initial concern was that Napoli might have gotten a concussion, but he was examined after the game and his head seems to be fine.

His stomach, though? Eh, probably not so much:

Jamie Reed, the club’s head athletic trainer, came out to check on Napoli along with manager Ron Washington and Reed continued to check on him after each inning. Washington told the umpire he was checking on him. ”The next thing is [Napoli] said, ‘Geez, I had a wad of chew, where is it?’” Washington said. “He had swallowed it. Then he said, ‘I’m all right skip, let’s go.’”


Eww is right. That’s some nasty-ass shit. Stick to the Dubble-Bubble.

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