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November 14, 2011

Somewhere back around 2005, 2006 a rather improbable story started circulating: Lenny Dykstra, former Met and Phillie, had, in his retirement, become some sort of investing whiz. He had a newsletter, Jim Cramer, jackass investor extraordinaire, claimed he was brilliant, he chatted with Warren Buffet, he had made more money than he ever did as a player, and so on. Usually, when something seems to improbable to be true, it isn’t. Turns out it wasn’t

He was playing the Wall Street casino and was doing fine until everything went belly-up. Then he lost all his money, EVERYTHING, it also turned out that he was a crook. He’s now under house arrest and deeply in debt. I don’t know all the details of his situation, actually, I know almost nothing about it. But I do know that if you were listening to Lenny Dykstra about money matters you kind of deserve what happened to you.

Anyway, seems Lenny is a little angry right now, I’ll re-post three recent tweets and move on.

Fu herman! I don’t need your jew gold, go ahead take away my bail! I didn’t get stupid over night,” he wrote.

20 something year old thinks he has power over me! Herman and his kind are greedy born spies

herman is a penny pinching jew gold hoarding kid trying to put me back in the cooler bro #danherman

p.s. He didn’t get stupid overnight, he had to work at it for years

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