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February 11, 2012

You may recall the story that Alex Rodriguez purportedly has a painting of himself as a centaur in his house. That’s correct, a centaur — half man, half horse.

The story was never confirmed. Well, the intrepid muckraking sports press will not allow the issue simply to be swept under the rug, and when Alex’s ex-lover — or fucking soulmateMadonna Louise Ciccone was holding a pre-Super Bowl press conference, she was boldly asked about Mr. Rodriguez’s horselike nature.

Madonna is performing at halftime of the Super Bowl. She also once dated Alex Rodriguez.

So when Madonna held a press conference this afternoon, it seemed obvious to ask her whether A-Rod really has a painting of himself as centaur.

I had my hand raised, but Rich Shertenlieb of the Toucher and Rich Show on 98.5 The Sports Hub beat me to it.

“Wow. If he does, I haven’t seen it.” said Madonna. “But I’m pretty sure he has a very large photograph of me lying on a horse. I hope that answers your question.”

Yes, yes it does.

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