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March 25, 2012

Next week is the finals of the Golden Gloves amateur boxing tournament here in New York. I usually try to make it to the finals at the Felt Forum, or whatever it’s called these days, but unfortunately I can’t this year. I did make it to some preliminary matches that were held at a private club that normally would never let me in the doors, so at least I got to see some action.

Even though I can’t make it to the Golden Gloves, I am in a boxing frame of mind, because I just learned that famed boxing writer Bert Sugar, he of the iconic fedora, has passed on.

He was omnipresent in the boxing world, with his hat and stogie, walking around like he owned the joint, and he did. It’s a truly significant passing not just for boxing but for sports and culture more broadly, as well as for New York City. He will be missed.

The obituaries are being written as we speak, but here’s a taste:

Sugar graduated from the University of Maryland and earned a JD and MBA from the University of Michigan in 1961. After passing the bar exam, he worked in the advertising business in New York City for a decade, and was one of the “Mad Men” of the ’60s.

Sugar was not very fond of today’s style of journalism, and in a 2010 interview with, he said, “Sports writing is almost an extinct species, or soon to be. Point being, they’re writing for blogs and they don’t have a discipline. “Once they state a subject, they can go on. There’s no space restraint. And they’re writing quickly, so there’s no time for thought and cerebral thinking on an article, they’re just banging away.”

One of Sugar’s favorite lines was, whenever he was asked to give his prediction of a fight, inevitably picked the underdog, then added, “but then again, I picked the Japanese in World War II.”

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  1. Retech Son permalink
    March 26, 2012 1:10 pm

    Goodby Bert Sugar.. boxing may not be as sweet without you.

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