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April 7, 2012

I just felt the need to put up a new post just to push that last one by anonymous guy down the page a bit. Politicians and Star Trek are two of my least favorite things, and the combo is quease-inducing (I do appreciate that the hand sign in question is indeed appropriate for this Passover season).

The problem is that I don’t really have much to say. So let’s see, if I were to do a post that related to politicians and Star Trek what would I do?

I know, I’d do a post about N*E*R*D, which is the fantastic side project of the star producing team the Neptunes, led by Pharrell (pronounced “for-real”) Williams. What do they have to do with Star Trek and politicians? Well, they apparently are total Star Trek geeks. Their label is called Star Trak, and Pharrell regularly flashes the Star Trek sign in concert and I believe it’s referenced specifically in “Everyone Nose.”

And what about politicians? Arguably N*E*R*D’s best song is called “Lapdance” (I’d probably go for “Rock Star,” but that’s just me) and it’s about scummy politicians (and the video is pretty awesome). See? It’s all coming together.

Ooh baby, you want me?

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