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April 16, 2012

It’s the beginning of the baseball season, and one of the things that happens is that last year’s champs get their World Series rings. Last year the Cardinals of St. Louis won it all, so they get the bling bling.

What’s entertaining about these particular rings is that they have a squirrel on them. That is right, a squirrel (he’s right there on top of home plate). One of those furry little creatures who scampers about (not to be confused with Furrygirl, who has also been known to scamper about).

For those of you who neither know nor care, a squirrel gamboled around the field during the Cards’ playoff run, and was rationally given credit for some part of the Cards’ playoff success. Thus has the furry rodent been immortalized in precious metal. This is why it’s the National Pastime.

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