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At the Fights

April 27, 2012

Last Friday taking the A train in from far, far Queens I was lucky enough to get a ringside seat to real old fashioned, subway fight.

A youngish couple (I’m terrible with ages, they could have been anywhere from 16-26) was sitting together on the bench that sticks out perpendicular from the side of the car when a guy in his 30s sat down in one of the adjacent seats along wall. Without being able to hear exactly what was being said, it was very clear that right away there was trouble.

It very much had the look of the older guy asking if they had a problem with him, and the couple confusedly answering no. They tried to ignore the guy, but he was having none of it, a few seconds of quiet were interrupted by words to the young guy and every once in a while the offended guy and the woman would exchange a few words in Spanish. This went on until the offended guy stood up and got right into the younger guy’s face and slapped him upside his head. At which point the kid, a fairly small guy too, definitely smaller than offended guy, leaped out of his seat, mcnuggets and fries flying everywhere–did I mention he was eating out of a McDonalds bag?–and starting raining right hooks down on the head of the other guy.

Offended guy didn’t really do anything except half heartedly hold on and try and tie him up in a clinch. Twenty seconds later it was over. Young guy, the clear winner,returned to his seat, offended guy moved a little away. After a few moments he was at it again, making comments and gestures that were fairly mysterious in their meaning. Until he approached them again. At this, the round one victor backed off insisting he hadn’t wanted to start anything and that, in fact, it was the other guy who started it, etc.

When the doors finally opened as we pulled into the station the couple exited and ran back to another car. Offended guy, milled about mumbling and smirking, and sporting some very nice new bumps on his head for another half dozen stops until he finally got off.

I have to stop this tale because I hate the keyboard that I’m being forced to use to type it on. Also, not much else happened.

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  1. April 28, 2012 10:47 am

    When’s the last time you had a McNugget?

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