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Etymology (Not Entomology)

July 12, 2012

Two words of the day. Okay, the day was yesterday, but I came across two words that were new to me. Actually, the first is a word I know, but in a spelling that I had never seen before. The Wall Street Journal, in some ridiculous editorial, used the word “buncombe.” Now, I had certainly seen the word “bunkum,” meaning, I guess, bullshit, but the buncombe spelling was new to me. Merriam-Webster fills us in:

Buncombe county, North Carolina; from a remark made by its congressman, who defended an irrelevant speech by claiming that he was speaking to Buncombe.
First Known Use: 1845

That’s quite an honor, having one’s locale being synonymous with total crap.

The other word I learned was totally new to me, but I think it’s fantastic. In describing some ridiculous over-the-top hamburger that exists only to have stupid articles written about it, Animal wrote:

Here’s what the making of 666 Burger’s Doucheburger, “gold leafed Kobe beef formed around foie gras … topped with cave aged gruyere, truffle butter, lobster, caviar, and kopi luwak bbq sauce,” looks like.

That’s right. DOUCHEBURGER. Top that, Buncombe County.

But wait. A couple of months ago, some food truck called 666 Burger actually started selling what they themselves call the “Douche Burger.” Now pause for a second and ponder the concept of going up to another human being and asking him or her to give you a Douche Burger. Right. That’s not really gonna happen. In any event, I think Animal is correct that it is properly one word. Doucheburger. See? That makes all the difference.

And, look what happens when you Google “douche.” You find this extremely helpful young lady:

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  1. July 13, 2012 1:01 am

    love the first word

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