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Rings of Fire

October 2, 2012

One of our long traditions when going to Yankees games up in the Bronx is to periodically stop at the fried chicken joint on Gerard Avenue called U.S. Fried Chicken but which we affectionately refer to as “JFC” (you may, but probably don’t, recall that we previously mentioned JFC here and here).

Now JFC has evolved over the years, with new guys showing up behind the counter every few years, kind of the circle of fried chicken life. We hadn’t been in a while, but on our way to the game last night (man, does Boston suck), we stopped in for a few pieces to bring to the game (nothing gets a smile from the surly Yankee Stadium security faster than telling them that your plastic shopping bag contains some piping hot fried chicken). There were some new guys behind the counter, wearing official U.S. Fried Chicken t-shirts and hats (note to self: need to get our hands on some of those), and JCo also noted a new offering on one of the posters plastered to the plexiglass:

Chicken Rings. That’s right. Chicken Rings. 10 pieces for $3.50. Which raises the question: WHAT THE FUCK IS A CHICKEN RING?

Maybe they were RingO brand Chicken Rings; now the RingO website doesn’t really fill us in on the true nature of a Chicken Ring (“all white meat” my ass), but they do explain:

First and foremost, RingO’s Chicken Rings are fun! We like to say that when you serve RingO’s, you’re serving smiles. Made with all white meat and lightly breaded to perfection, RingO’s Chicken Rings are an ideal choice for mealtime or a snack. We know that chicken lovers of all ages love RingO’s but don’t just take our word for it… take a look at what RingO’s Fans are saying about RingO’s at

Well, I’m sad to say that we didn’t have the balls to actually order any Chicken Rings, so we haven’t the foggiest idea what’s up with the Chicken Rings, though we did witness a young lady ordering some Chicken Rings and since I’m pretty sure it wasn’t her first rodeo, they obviously don’t kill you instantly. Probably more of a long, slow thing, like eating ground glass.

Don’t even get me started on “Munchers.”

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  1. October 3, 2012 9:58 am

    Those sweet corn nuggets are what scares the shit out of me!

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