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Is it bad

November 29, 2012

that I love Lindsay Lohan? Yeah, it’s probably bad. I know.

Without further ado, today’s headline:

Lindsay Lohan busted after allegedly hitting Tiffany Eve Mitchell, 28, in the face at Avenue nightclub in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood

Lindsay Lohan is in hot water again — she punched another woman in the face while in a Manhattan nightclub early Thursday, police sources said. Lohan was questioned, along with witnesses, at the NYPD’s 10th Precinct stationhouse and charged with misdemeanor third-degree assault for the 4 a.m dust-up inside Avenue, a Chelsea hot spot on 10th Ave.

Lohan was wearing handcuffs and chunky high heels when she was loaded into a squad car and taken to the stationhouse for questioning. Others were brought in, too. About 15 minutes later, Lohan waltzed out of the NYPD stationhouse with a coat covering her head. She was accompanied by a man and they left inside a black Escalade. Lohan was issued a desk appearance ticket and is due in court Jan. 11.

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  1. November 29, 2012 11:54 am

    “Lohan was wearing handcuffs and chunky high heels.” Sounds like something from the “Penthouse Forum.”

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